Rocky Mountain House, Alberta Canada

Home of Alberta’s rare and only Born and Raised Bighorn Sheep Canadian Champion.   Canada’s Highest Awards for other Mountain Sheep.

Since 1974, Taxidermist Gary Schafer,  403-729-2468

A 2x Mountain Sheep “Master of the Art” Award Winner

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Take over of Alberta in Progress:

Note Well:  ... This below is not typed to offend, yet some is either funny or not funny pending dispositions, etc..      Simply facts on a age old landscape called Alberta.

... Since 2010 every couple years or so we get contacted by a sheep hunter complaining about  the sheep work received back from the last taxidermist they dealt with in last 10 years..  

Interviews most often reveal they took there sheep to a taxidermist not originally from Alberta, but operates here, and usually the taxidermist they chose, whether from here or not has no interest in collecting or using reference applicable to Wild Sheep.

A Wild Sheep is certainly not a easy one to pull off, .. and require extra special time and care.

Of Interest:    to date, Alberta can be proud the Highest Awarded Bighorn Sheep Taxidermists exist only in the Born and Raised yet in 22 years of Sheep Banquets these born and raised Alberta Taxidermists have never been invited once, welcomed once, flat out told no any time they asked if they can participate in there very own Provinces banquet trade show, ... as it appears promised to Europe and Eastern Canada 1st.

World Population .. of Born and Raised simply out numbers Alberta Population of Born and Raised and they tend to take over by numbers whether its the sheep banquet or Alberta itself. First Nations know it best.

Early estimates: .. In some parts of Alberta there can be up to 10 Foreign / Non Alberta Origin taxidermists to one of Albertas very own taxidermists  born and raised in Alberta. The future of born and raised is no doubt they will always have certain amounts of trouble fitting in, scratch building taxidermy businesses.

While the Invasion which began late 10th Century to take over is still  in  progress too on Alberta landscape, below we recognize a few hunters  who past supported scratch built born and raised businesses and  the places they come from to do so   ....

BEST Luck Hunting.